Clippoly is an algorithm to clip two 2D polygons. Clipping of polygons is the process where boolean operations are performed on the area of the polygons. A descripion of the algorithm is available as well as some comments about the code. On 7 July 1995 I have submitted a paper on this algorithm to ACM Transactions on Graphics, which is NOT accepted for publication.


The code is written while Klamer Schutte was performing his PhD work at the Laboratory for Measurement and Instrumentation, University of Twente. It has been worked towards a usable quality while Klamer Schutte was at Pattern Recognition Group, now the Quantitative Imaging Group of the Delft University of Technology. Since Klamer left there the software remained available through the Pattern Recognition Group web pages until the end of 2004. Since the start of 2005 the code is made available through the SourceForge ClipPoly project.


Code can be downloaded from the SourceForge ClipPoly download page.

Related projects

Gregg Leichtman, Ph.D. has made the code numerically more stable, and has ported it to the Mac. Also, he performed a port so that the code can be used from MatLab as a MEX file.
Since Gregg no longer has a dedicated web site I have a copy of his files.

Michael V. Leonov has ported the code to C, and extended the algorithm to allow holes. He documented this on his clippoly page.

Alan Murta has a polygon clipper based on the Vatti algorithm available.

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