Clippoly README documents


I decided to put together a set of files such that you can run experiments with the clipping code. Main objective from my side is to get the library better debugged. The code is copyrighted with the GNU Library General Public License. Basically, this means that you can use and pass around the code, but cannot pretend you wrote it. Using it in a commercial product is, at least, difficult. 


You will need a C++ compiler with templates to compile the code; development work has been done with g++ on Sun sparc, sunos 4.1.X. Most recent version used is g++ 3.4.2. In the last years development has been done under Linux and MinGW.

Before compiling, skim through the Makefile. Three differences can be made:


In the tar file you can find the test program for the nclip library. In the tar file is:
texinfo style version of the copyright statement.
The wrapper in which we can test. Reads two clockwise oriented polygons from stdin, and clips those. Results comes on stdout. Examples format for input can be found in in_file.
The actual clip routine. Only file in the nclip library which is decent documented.
nclip.h poly.h poly_io.h posadder.h primitives.h set.h
The rest of the nclip library. Not of real interest, but needed to get nclip running.
err.* graph*
files, part of the University of Twente Measurement Laboratory in-house library. Not likely to have big errors. They even come with documentation! (*.3, nroff (== UNIX man) format) They should be compiled with a K&R C compiler (like gcc -traditional.)
Some documentation about the classes used.